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About Consolidated Metal Services, Inc.

CMS was founded in 1976 and now in over our 42nd year of service. CMS is the Hardsurfacing Pioneer.

With over 275 combined years of Engineering and experience, CMS is familiar with every component part of the Coal-Combustion units we service, as well as the materials with which they are manufactured. Our engineering staff built the mills we now rebuild. CMS is the Hardsurfacing Specialist.

CMS has exclusive metallurgical compositions of wire with it’s suppliers. CMS has deposited over 16,500,000 pounds of this material as well as other compositions including tungsten. CMS is the Hardsurfacing Giant.

CMS rebuilds CE Raymond mills from the smallest to the largest. CMS also rebuilds Foster-Wheeler MB and MBF, Babcock & Wilcox MPS and E & EL, Williams, as well as several other types. CMS fabricates and hardsurfaces many new parts for the types mentioned.

Significant Accomplishments:

    • Over 19,000 CE Pulverizer Rolls, Foster Wheeler MB and B&W MPS tires rebuilt to OEM specifications giving wear life of twice or more than that of new parts.
    • Over 7,500 CE grinding rings (bullrings) and other internals rebuilt on site.
    • More B&W MPS (67s, 75s, 89s, 118s) grinding tables rebuilt on site than all of it’s competitors combined. Ledge Covers can also be Hardsurfaced in the Mill.
    • First to rebuild CE pulverizer rolls back to original dimensions, on site, while still on the journal.
    • First and only company to repair, by hardsurfacing, on site, the sidewalls of E and EL mills.
    • First and only company to deposit machinable material to the lower walls of E mills being converted to EL.
    • First company to develop its own proprietary, 100% American-made hardsurfacing material specifically designed to outlast all others in the most hostile, abrasive environments in this country.
    • Developed custom-made, fabricated and hardsurfaced wear parts for utilities suffering from unusual wear patterns in their pulverizers and fuel transport systems with quicker delivery at less cost compared to OEM’s.
    • Only company that can guarantee no distortion when rebuilding separator bodies for vertical-type CE pulverizers (453, 473, 493, 533, 573, 593, 613, 633, 673, 713, 733, 753 and 793).
    • Only hardsurfacing company that can put multiple crews in the field at one time, including mutiple crews at the same location.
    • First company to offer customized programs to utilities for their wear parts.


Company Location:

Consolidated Metal Services, Inc., is located on 3101 Parker Lane in Chattanooga Tennessee, the "Scenic Center of the South".

Nestled at the foot of Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga is rich in history and has been instrumental in the advancement of our country.

Located on the Tennessee River, with waterway routes to the Ohio Valley and the Mississippi River, Chattanooga has played a key role in the industrial development of the South. Chattanooga continues this tradition today by being an Environmental Showcase for the nation.

Chattanooga is also a major transportation hub, linking Interstate 75 from Florida to the Great Lakes, Interstate 24 from Chattanooga to Illinois, and Interstate 59 From Chattanooga to Louisiana. Several major railways intersect in the Chattanooga Area as well.


Our organization serves customers from Miami, Florida to Marquette, Michigan and from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to San Antonio, Texas.

All of these advantages allow us to give our customers a fast response time, superior service, and an unsurpassed commitment to excellence in quality, skilled, professional workmanship and the most impressive array of customer references than anyone.


Telephone:   423-265-1123       FAX:    423-756-5706

Postal address: 3101 Parker Lane, Chattanooga, TN 37419

General Information:

Consolidated Metal Services, Inc. would appreciate feedback. 
Please feel free to contact us. 
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